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⋅ Silver Threads ⋅ Vegan Faux Leather

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⋅  S i l v e r  L u r e x  T h r e a d s  ⋅ 

 Textured Bow & Craft Fabric

Available in 7 colours
Sheet measures approx. 20x 33cm
Approx. 0.8mm thick

Imagination is your only limitation!
Our printed & plain Faux Leather sheets are perfect to use in many different craft applications, including, Baby Hair Bows & Headbands, Teardrop Earrings & Button Jewellery, Makeup Bags, Purses & Pencil Cases, DIY Travellers Notebook Covers & Planner Clips, Key Rings & Fobs, just to name a few!

Easily cut by hand with scissors, cutting dies or machines such as Cricut and can be glued, hand or machine sewn/embroidered and 
does not fray.

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