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β‹… Christmas Berriesβ‹… Luxe Grain Faux Leather β‹…

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πŸŽ„ Christmas Berries πŸŽ„
Luxe Grain Faux LeatherΒ 
Each sheet measures approx. 33 x 20cmΒ 
1mm thick with a white backing

Click on SantaΒ  ➺  Β πŸŽ…πŸΌ
toΒ visit ourΒ  πŸŽ„ Christmas Collection πŸŽ„

Our printed & plain Faux Leather sheets are perfect to use in many different craft applications, including, Baby Hair Bows & Headbands, Teardrop Earrings & Jewellery accessories, Makeup Bags, PursesΒ & Pencil Cases, DIY Travellers Notebook Covers & Planner Clips, Key Rings & Fobs, just to name a few!
Imagination is your only limitation!Β 

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